Wait, am I an adult?

Sometimes, when I’m sitting at my desk amidst piles of client files, shuffling through them, making notes, organizing, I get the sense that I’m still just “playing doctor.” I suddenly feel like I’m back in my childhood home pretending to be a college professor with my old biology textbook and workbook exercises that I’m assigning … More Wait, am I an adult?

5 points on kindness

I recently sat across from a  client who was sobbing uncontrollably. As he struggled to breathe through his tears, he choked out memories of the ways in which he has experienced cruelty from others- from family, peers, even strangers. After years of training and experience in psychology and therapy, what stood out most to me … More 5 points on kindness


Pay attention to the moments in between when you’re hanging there suspended at the top of your breath, at the top of the roller coaster, no longer moving up but not yet falling down. When you’ve leapt, your legs dangling free in midair, gravity not yet pulling you back to earth. It’s easy to miss, … More Betwixt

The descent

“What was it like?” he asked again. She knew he wanted her to tell him the story, but somehow she couldn’t find the words. She sat there, sinking deeper into her chair, and drew in a deep breath. He waited calmly, as usual. “Can I write it?” she asked. She had always been better with … More The descent

The limit

It hit her head on, full force, without restraint. All at once she became bigger than herself beyond the boundaries of her own body exploding into space becoming one with the vastness of the universe. Edges and lines can’t, won’t, impossible no longer existed. She faced the fullness of her life felt the potential of … More The limit

It turns out my mother is actually a superhero

I’ll admit that I have my fair share of body image issues; as a woman in America, it’s almost impossible not to. I had always just sort of assumed that my body image issues must have come from my mother, because isn’t that where the blame always goes? (I should know better, I’m a psychologist playing into … More It turns out my mother is actually a superhero

Everyone is getting married or having kids and I just posted a picture of my awesome dinner

Last week, a coworker of mine was talking about her childhood dreams. She was showing everyone pictures of her children and talking about how as a child, she had dreamt of being a mother. She laughed about how she used to tell everyone that her dream car was a minivan. I sat across the table … More Everyone is getting married or having kids and I just posted a picture of my awesome dinner