My Family Notebook

When my mom was 16 years old, she wore her strawberry blonde hair cropped short, donned herself in flared jeans and form-fitting, brightly-colored shirts. She was a child of the 60’s and 70’s, laughing with her friends and posing next to red convertibles in grainy photographs. When my dad was 17, things weren’t much different, … More My Family Notebook

Into Foreign Lands: A journey through Italy with my mother

I believe that it’s somewhat rare for children to truly get to know their parents. Often, children leave home at the age of 18 and each person gets frozen in time. For me, for whatever reason, my mother is forever 38. The age when she was still young yet powerful. For her, I’m sure at … More Into Foreign Lands: A journey through Italy with my mother

On having it all

Approximately 4 years ago, I was sitting at a dinner table with mostly strangers- people from all over the world bonded by the marriage of a son and daughter.  I struck up a conversation with an older man who, for some reason, just seemed to get me. It was as if he understood me more … More On having it all

On turning 30

Right now, I’m on the precipice of turning thirty. My toes are dangling out over the edge and I’m peering into unfamiliar territory. Pretty soon, life will shove me over whether or not I’m ready. 30. That’s a big deal. Or at least seems like it should be. I’ve had my fair share of reactions … More On turning 30