Dear, Me

I judge you, dear one. Even though you graciously bow and listen, quietly refuting, every time I do.  I judge your thin hair and your pale skin. I judge every ridge, every blemish, everything that’s not quite in place. I try to change you, dear one. I try to squeeze you into spaces you don’t … More Dear, Me

My Family Notebook

When my mom was 16 years old, she wore her strawberry blonde hair cropped short, donned herself in flared jeans and form-fitting, brightly-colored shirts. She was a child of the 60’s and 70’s, laughing with her friends and posing next to red convertibles in grainy photographs. When my dad was 17, things weren’t much different, … More My Family Notebook


Pay attention to the moments in between when you’re hanging there suspended at the top of your breath, at the top of the roller coaster, no longer moving up but not yet falling down. When you’ve leapt, your legs dangling free in midair, gravity not yet pulling you back to earth. It’s easy to miss, … More Betwixt

The descent

“What was it like?” he asked again. She knew he wanted her to tell him the story, but somehow she couldn’t find the words. She sat there, sinking deeper into her chair, and drew in a deep breath. He waited calmly, as usual. “Can I write it?” she asked. She had always been better with … More The descent

The limit

It hit her head on, full force, without restraint. All at once she became bigger than herself beyond the boundaries of her own body exploding into space becoming one with the vastness of the universe. Edges and lines can’t, won’t, impossible no longer existed. She faced the fullness of her life felt the potential of … More The limit

Fact and fiction

A woman, about twenty, quietly enters the waiting room of her doctor’s office. There’s only one other woman in there, quietly reading a magazine. This woman, a little older and a little prettier, bored from waiting, notices this new arrival and takes interest. It’s something better to do than read these pointless magazines, at least. … More Fact and fiction